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Prof. Galia Press-Barnathan

Office: 5305

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Research Areas: Regional Cooperation, International Relations Theory, Popular Culture and IR.



Galia Press-Barnathan. Organizing the World – The United States and Regional

Cooperation in Asia and Europe (New York: Routledge, 2003).  

Galia Press-Barnathan. The Political Economy of Transitions to Peace (Pittsburgh University Press,  2009).  



Galia Press-Barnathan (2000/1). “The Lure of Regional Security Arrangements: The United States and Regional Security Cooperation in Asia and Europe”. Security Studies Vol.10 (2), pp.49-97.

Galia Press-Barnathan (June 2004). “The War in Iraq and International Order – From Bull to Bush”. International Studies Review Vol. 6(2), pp. 195-212.

Galia Press-Barnathan (September 2005). “The Changing Incentives for Security Regionalization- From 119 to 911,” Cooperation and Conflict Vol.40 (3): 281-304.

Galia Press-Barnathan (May/June 2006) “Managing the Hegemon: Alliances under Unipolarity”. Security Studies.

Galia Press-Barnathan (May 2006). “Economic Cooperation and Transition to Peace- The Neglected Dimension of Commercial Liberalism”. Journal of Peace Research Vol.43(3)

Galia Press-Barnathan (June 2014) " The impact of regional dynamics on US policy toward regional security arrangements in East Asia" International Relations of Asia-Pacific Vol.14 (3): 357-392.

Galia Press-Barnathan (2016). "Thinking about the Role of Popular Culture in International Conflicts", International Studies Review 10.1093/isr/viw030.


Chapters in books

Galia Press-Barnathan, “Western Europe, NATO and the U.S.: Leash-Slipping, not Leash-Cutting”, in: Kristen Williams, Steven Lobell and Neal Jesse (eds.,) To Support, Follow, or Challenge: The Limits of Hegemony and the Rise of the Rest (Stanford University Press,  2012) 

Galia Press-Barnathan, Kristen Williams, Steven Lobell and Neal Jesse,  Ch.1 “The Leader Can’t Lead When the Followes Won’t Follow: The Limitations of Hegemony”, in Kristen Williams, Steven Lobell and Neal Jesse (eds.,) To Support, Follow, or Challenge: The Limits of Hegemony and the Rise of the Rest (Stanford University Press, 2012)

Galia Press-Barnathan,  “Popular Culture and Soft Power”  in: Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds.,) Popular Culture and the State in East and South East Asia (Routledge, 2012).

Galia Press-Barnathan, "The (de)Construction of “Economic Peace”- “Economic Peace” Strategies in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Between Theory and Reality" (with Mor Mitrani), in: Lutmar Carmela and Miller Benjamin (eds.,) Regional peacemaking and conflict management- A comparative perspective (Routledge 2015.)

Galia Press-Barnathan, " Economic Statecraft of Transitions to Peace: France, Germany and Poland" in: Ripsman Norrin and Lobell Steven (eds.,) The political economy of peacemaking[?] (Michigan University Press, 2016).

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or rabinowitz

Dr. Or Rabinowitz

Office: 5326
Monday 12:00-13:00

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Research Areas: Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Weapon History, US-Israel Relations


Forthcoming articles:

  • Or Rabinowitz, (2020), ‘Arrow’ mythology revisited:  the curious case of the Reagan administration, Israel and SDI cooperation, accepted for publication on 26 January 2021, The International History Review. 

Recently published: 

  • Giordana Pulcini, Or Rabinowitz; An Ounce of Prevention—A Pound of Cure? The Reagan Administration’s Nonproliferation Policy and the Osirak RaidJournal of Cold War Studies 2021; doi
  • Or Rabinowitz, (2019) The dilemma of a ‘trigger happy’ protégé – Israel, France and President Carter’s Iraq policy, Journal of Strategic Studies, Published online: 11 July 2019. 
  • Or Rabinowitz, (2019) ‘When Pigs Fly’: Britain, Canada and Nuclear Exports to Israel, 1958-1974, Diplomacy & Statecraft, 30:4, 707-728.

List of publications


  • Or Rabinowitz, ‘Signed, sealed but never delivered: Why Israel did not receive Nixon’s promised nuclear power plants’, The International History Review, (2018), Vol 40, issue 5, pp. 1014-1033, published on-line on 23 February 2018
  • Rabinowitz O, Sarkar J. ‘It isn’t over until the fuel cell sings’: A reassessment of the US and French pledges of nuclear assistance in the 1970s. Journal of Strategic Studies [Internet]. 2017;40 (5) :1-26. 
  • Or Rabinowitz and Nicholas L. Miller, Keeping the Bombs in the Basement: U.S. Nonproliferation Policy toward Israel, South Africa, and Pakistan, International Security, Summer 2015, Vol. 40, No. 1, Pages 47-86
  • (James Cameron and Or Rabinowitz, Eight Lost Years? Nixon, Ford, Kissinger and the Non-Proliferation Regime, Journal of Strategic Studies (Published on-line, 5 January 2016


  • Or Rabinowitz, Bargaining on Nuclear Tests: Washington and its Cold War Deals, Oxford: UK, Oxford University Press, 2014


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דניאל שוורץ

Prof. Daniel Schwartz

Office: 5311
Monday, 11:00-12:00 (First Semester)

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Research Areas: Just War Theory, History of Just War Theory, Global Justice, Political Philosophy

I am an Associate Professor at the Departments of Political Science and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I work on the on the areas of political philosophy and its history, as well as contemporary just war and history of ethics with a concentration on the medieval scholastic and early modern late scholastic philosophers/theologians. My latest book is The Political Morality of the Late-Scholastics: Civic Life, War and Peace.  You can read some of my latest articles at
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