Academic Programs

Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor’s Degree)

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program is usually completed in three years. Two tracks of study are offered:
  1. Dual Major Track consisting of majors in two departments; one, International Relations, the other, chosen from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, or any other academic department in the University that permits this arrangement. 
  2. Single Major Track in the Department of International Relations, consisting of the major department and supplementary studies from within the Faculty of Social Sciences. 
All students must study on the Dual Major Track during their first year.  They can choose the Single Major Track starting from their second year, if they meet its requirements.  Most second and third-year students in the DIR prefer to remain on the Dual Major Track in order to broaden their academic knowledge beyond IR and to enlarge their employment opportunities after completing their degree.

Graduate Studies – Master’s Degree

The Graduate program of our department currently offers two tracks of studies:
  1. A non-research oriented track: This track is usually completed in two years and focuses on two core issues of IR studies: International security and diplomacy; and political economy and international organizations.
  2. A research oriented track – the Davis Institute Graduate School (TELEM): This new and prestigious track is completed in five years, it combines both MA and PhD studies, and is the result of a cooperation with the department of Political Science. The first two years of the track comprise advanced courses and seminars, after which the student receives the MA degree. The second phase of the track (three years) is dedicated to research and to the PhD dissertation writing.

PhD Studies

Students interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the DIR should submit a formal application to the PhD Programs Advisor. This application will be assessed by the Graduate Studies’ Committee of the DIR.  Students have to choose a supervisor/mentor for their research from among faculty members of the DIR.

Combined BA & MA Degree in International Relations

The International Relations department is now offering a special track for outstanding student, which enables them to complete both their BA and an MA in International Relations (non-research track) within four years.
This track is available to students entering their third undergraduate year, with an academic GPA in International Relations of at least 85. , who are interesting in pursuing a Master's degree.
The Master's degree (non-research track) is comprised of 36 credits, which include 28 course credits and 8 credits for two seminar papers.  Our MA studies are concentrated in one day a week.
Students that meet the criteria can join the MA at the beginning of their third undergraduate year. They will study, BEYOND their undergraduate requirements, 12 credits of MA courses. Those courses will be stored towards their MA degree.  Before  the fourth year, and after completing all the requirements for the BA degree,  the students will officially apply and register as graduate students, according to the department and university regulations. After they are officially accepted, they will complete their MA course requirements during that year.
Students who are interested in this track should contact the department office and the MA advisor toward the end of their second year of studies.
Information about the MA program is available in the department's website.