Prof. Yoram Haftel

Yoram Haftel
Chair of the Department
Office: 5314

Research Areas: International Political Economy, International Institutions and Organizations, Trade and Investment Agreements, Regional Integration

Main Publications:

Haftel, Yoram Z. 2013. Commerce and Institutions: Trade, Scope, and the Design of Regional Economic Organizations. The Review of International Organizations 8 (3): 389-414.

Haftel, Yoram Z., and Alexander Thompson. 2013. Delayed Ratification:  The Domestic Fate of Bilateral Investment Treaties. International Organization 67 (2): 355-387.  

Haftel, Yoram Z. 2012. Regional Economic Institutions and Conflict Mitigation: Design, Implementation, and the Promise of Peace. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Haftel, Yoram Z. 2010. Ratification Counts: U.S. Investment Treaties and FDI flows into Developing Countries. Review of International Political Economy 17 (2): 348-377.

Haftel, Yoram Z. 2007. Designing for Peace: Regional Integration Arrangements, Institutional Variation, and Militarized Interstate Disputes. International Organization 61 (1): 217-237.  

Haftel, Yoram Z., and Alexander Thompson. 2006. The Independence of International Organizations: Concept and Applications. Journal of Conflict Resolution 50 (2): 253-275.