Dr. Orit Gazit-Lederman

orit gazit
office: 5308
Sunday, 13:00-14:00, Semester A
Research Areas: Emotions in IR, trust in international politics, international political sociology, sociological theory, international relations theory, classical and contemporary social thought, ontological security, international migration and refugees, space and spatiality, borders and border areas, trauma and forced migration, migration and emotions, nonstate actors (militias, diasporas) in intrastate and interstate conflicts, sociology of Israeli society, community development, international development
Selected Publications
Gazit, O., 2020 (forthcoming). “What it Means to (Mis)Trust: Forced Migration, Ontological (In)Security and the Unrecognized Political Psychology of the Israeli-Lebanese Conflict.” Political Psychology.
Gazit, O., 2019. “Van Gennep meets Ontological (In)Security: A Processual Approach to Ontological Security in Migration.” International Studies Review 21(4): 572-597.
Gazit, O., 2018. “A Simmelian Approach to Space in World Politics.” International Theory 10(2): 219-252.
Gazit, O., 2018. “The Sociology of the Limit: Reformulating the Question of Migration through Van Gennep.” Journal of Classical Sociology 18(4): 266-282. 
Yair, G. and Gazit, O. (eds.) 2010. Collective Identities, States and Globalization: A Tribute to SN Eisenstadt. Jerusalem: Magnes Press.
Löwenheim, O. and Gazit, O., 2009. “Power and Examination: A Critique of Citizenship Tests.” Security Dialogue 40(2): 145–167.
Yair, G. and Gazit, O., 2006. “Learning in Chaos: The Battle over Children’s Engagement with Learning in High Poverty Immigrant Families.” Research in Sociology of Education 15: 239–264.
International Political Sociology
Emotions in International Relations
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Community Development
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