Prof. Moshe Hirsch

moshe hirsch
Office: 234 (Law)

Research Areas: International Law and International Institution, Environment and International Law, The European Union and International Law

Main Publications

Invitation to the Sociology of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2015).

"Explaining Compliance and Non-Compliance with ICSID Awards: The Argentine Case Study and a Multiple Theoretical Approach",  Journal of International Economic Law 1-26 (2016).

"The Sociology of International Investment Law", in The Foundations of International Investment Law: Bringing Theory into Practice (Z. Douglas, J. Pauwelyn, and J.E. Viñuales, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014) 143-168.

“The African Countries in the World Trading System: International Trade, Domestic Institutions and the Role of International Law”, 61 International & Comparative Law Quarterly 127-170 (2012) (co-author with Melaku Desta).

“The Sociology of International Economic Law: Sociological Analysis of the Regulation of Regional Agreements in the World Trading System”, 19 European Journal of International Law 277-279 (2008).

“Investment Tribunals & Human Rights: Divergent Paths”, in Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration 97-114 (P. M. Dupuy, F. F. Francioni, and E. U. Petersmann, eds., OxfordUniversity Press, 2008).

"Interactions between Investment and Non-Investment Obligations in International Investment Law", in Oxford Handbook of International Law on Foreign Investment 262-309 (Christopher Schreuer, ed., OxfordUniversity Press, 2008).

“Developing Countries”, The Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Rudiger Wolfrum, ed., Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, 2008) (14 pages).