Doctoral Students

Morr Link

Morr Link

International political economy, international organizations and the global investment regime, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, and the contestation of the international liberal order
bar nadel

Bar Nadel

The European Union and the formation of European society, the rise of populism in Europe, the role of the EU in the lives of its citizens, the correlation between cultural proximity and prospects of integration.
Inbar Noy

Inbar Noy

Ontological security of non-state actors and its impact on conflict resolution, International Law and Human Trafficking, Friendship between states, Social construction of peace and Conflict resolution.
neal tsur

Neal Tsur

Timing of Civil unrest, Tipping Points, Prediction, Complex Systems, Socio-Physics Modeling, ABM simulations, NLP Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methodology, Big Data
tom ziv

Tom Ziv

History and theory of populism, populist and right-wing parties in Europe, the European Union, politics of identity, political discourse and political thought (liberalism, socialism, conservatism).