Dr. Eitan Barak

Eitan  Barak
Office: 5303

Research Areas: Arms Control and Disarmament, International Security Regimes, The Law of Arms Control and the Law of Weaponry, Israel’s Foreign and Defense Policy.

Selective Publications

Eitan Barak (Nov. 2011), Deadly Metal Rain: The Legality of Flechette Weapons in International Law - A Reappraisal Following Israel's Use in the Gaza Strip (2001-2009), (Leiden & Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers), [International Humanitarian Law Series; Vol. 32; Editors-in-Chief: H.E. Judge Christopher Greenwood & Prof. Timothy L.H. McCormack;].


Eitan Barak (2010). None to be Trusted: Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions in the Second Lebanon War and the Case for the Convention on Cluster Munitions. American University International Law Review 25(3):423-483.

Eitan Barak, (January 2008). The Freedom that Never Was: Israel's Freedom of Overflight over the Straits of Tiran Prior to the Six Day War. Journal of Contemporary History, 43(1): 73–89.

Eitan Barak, (December 2007). Israel and an International Peacekeeping Force in the Gaza Strip and West Bank: A Welcome Development?. Contemporary Security Policy, 28(3): 559-578.

Eitan Barak, (Summer 2004). On the Power of Tacit Understandings ¬¬¬– Israel, Egypt and Freedom of Passage through the Suez Canal, 1957-1960. The Middle East Journal, 58(3): 444-468..

Eitan Barak, (Autumn 2003). Where Do We Go From Here? The Chemical Weapons Convention in the Middle East in the Post-Saddam Era. Security Studies, 13(1):106-155.